Lodge History

In Selby, the first Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons according to the modern Constitution of Freemasonry, under the Grand Lodge of England was the Mariners’ Lodge No. 576.  This Lodge was formed on the 7th June, 1799, and was dedicated to “Holy St. John the Baptist, and to Freemasonry . . . Next to virtue, and lastly to Universal Charity and Benevolence.”

The Lodge met at the Rose and Crown in Micklegate.  Its life however was very short, for the last minutes are dated 2nd September, 1807, although there is evidence that meetings took place in 1813.  The Lodge was erased by Grand Lodge on December 4th, 1822, but some of the members lived to see the formation of the Lodge of St. Germain, and were highly esteemed by the brethren of the younger and more prosperous Lodge.

The Lodge of St Germain, No. 827, Selby, was constituted on Friday, March 1st, 1850, under a warrant granted by the Most Worshipful Grand Master, the Right Hon. The Earl of Zetland, and dated October 15th, 1849.  Lord Zetland, who was also Provincial Grand Master of North and East Yorkshire, appointed Bro. T. E. Newnum, P.M. of the Union Lodge of York, to represent him at the consecration.

The inclusion of the new Lodge in the Province of Yorkshire North and East Riding took place after due consideration of the facts that the petitioning brethren had been initiated in Lodges of that Province, and that the petition for the foundation of the Lodge had been recommended by the York Lodge.  When the numbers of the Lodges were “closed up” in 1863, the Lodge became No. 566 on the register of the Grand Lodge of England.

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Yorkshire North and East Riding held its annual meeting under the banner of St Germain at Selby first on September 17th, 1853, and again on July 24th, 1895.  On the latter occasion Lord Zetland, Provincial Grand Master, presided, and the brethren attended Divine Service in the Abbey Church of St. Germain and St. Mary.

As 1899 was the Jubilee year of the Lodge, Wor. Bro. Mark Scott the oldest Past Master, was elected to the Chair (for the fifth time).  To mark the year he appointed Past Masters to all the Offices with the exception of that of Tyler.  Wor. Bro, Mark Scott also held during that year the Office of W.M. of the Humber Installed Masters’ Lodge, Hull, having been granted the necessary dispensation.

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