Lodge History

In 1924, Wor. Bro. W. N. Cheesman, P.P.G.W., published his monograph on Masons’ Marks, a copy of which was placed in the Lodge Library, as was also in the following year, a Souvenir Volume of the Installation of our Provincial Grand Master.  To these was added, in April, a bound copy of the whole of Wor. Bro. W. N. Cheesman’s publications on Masonry and Mycology.  Just before his death in 1925, Wor. Bro. Cheesman also gave to the Lodge copies of letters dealing with the history of the formation of the Lodge.

Wor. Bro. Cheesman had been Master of the Lodge in 1887 and 1905.  It was in December, 1925, that Wor. Bro. Mark Scott completed 60 years as a member of the Lodge.  He had been master six times, viz.—1868, 1876, 1882, 1889, 1899 and 1916.

In January, 1934, Wor. Bro. F. A. Greenland was appointed Tyler, an Office he held until 1959, when he was elected an honorary member of the Lodge. Among other outstanding members of the Lodge, the following cannot fail to be included:-

  • Wor. Bro. T. M. Weddall, the first S.W. of the Lodge and Master in 1851, 1863, 1864 and 1879.
  • Wor. Bro. S. M. Scott, W.M. in 1895, elected an honorary member for his services to the Lodge in 1947.
  • Wor. Bro. A. J. Somers, Master in 1908, who served the Lodge as Past Master for over 50 years, and was elected an honorary member in 1957.
  • The very Wor. Bro. the Rev C.F. Knyvett, Bishop of Selby, Past Grand Chaplain, elected an Honorary member of the lodge in June 1955. He completed 50yrs of service to Freemasonry on October 30th 1956.

Almost immediately after the outbreak of the Second World War, the secretary of the Lodge reported that the Lodge premises had been occupied by the military authorities. Meetings however continued to be held throughout the war.  At that same meeting the Brethren were informed that a circular from the Grand Secretary asked that Freemasons should contribute to the urgent needs by surrendering their Masonic Jewels. Past masters jewels were not presented again until 1944.

During the war there was a provincial appeal for money for hospitals.  The Lodge subscribed £1 per member, a total of £67.  From this Provincial fund a bed in Selby War Memorial Hospital was endowed. It was dedicated on October 11th, 1941.

In 1947 occurred the unusual circumstance of a cancelled lodge being re-called, with 13 members present. Selby and district had been severely flooded by the overflowing of the river Ouse and the breaking of the banks of the river and neighbouring canals.  On the 7th April it was thought impossible to hold the Lodge Meeting called for April 11 th and the summons was cancelled.  This action was found irregular.  Hence despite the flood,  a few Members were hastily brought together and the Lodge meeting constitutionally held.

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