Lodge History

1950 was the centenary year of the lodge, and at the installation held in the Museum Hall on Saturday, February 25th,  Bro D,M. Cochrane was installed Master, in the presence of the Rt. Wor. Deputy Grand Master ( later Most. Wor. Grand .Master)  the Rt Hon The Earl of  Scarborough.  The Wor. Deputy. Prov. Grand. Master, Sir William Crosswaite, P.G.D. the Wor. Asst. Prov. Grand. Master. William P. Field, P. G. D. the Rt. Wor.  Prov. Grand Master of Yorkshire, West Riding, Milburn E, Clarke, P.G.D. and many other Grand and Prov, Grand Officers. A Banquet was held afterwards  in the Baths Hall,, when the Masonic Toasts were honoured and the gathering of about 180 Brethren had the privilege of being addressed by the Grand and Prov. Grand Officers.

The outstanding event of 1956 was the convocation of the Provincial Grand Lodge at Scarborough in June, under the Banner of  the Lodge St Germain. No 566, united with those of St Cuthbert’s. No. 630( daughter Lodge of St Germain), Beacon Lodge No. 4362 and Brough Lodge No. 5464.

1960 marked another milestone in the long history of the lodge, as on April 27th, W Bro .E.R Ayres (Prov G.J.W. in 1952) was invested in Grand Lodge as P.A.G.D.C.., a well earned honour and the first to be received by a member of the Lodge.

On May the 4th, W Bro. Ayres was invested in Grand Chapter as P.G.Std.B., being the first member of Salebia Chapter to receive Grand Chapter Honours.
For many years a lodge of Instruction has been associated with the Lodge . The present one has been in existence since 1941.

In March 1960, The St Germain building fund was established to receive and accumulate voluntary subscriptions from the Brethren. During the same year the building was extended to provide extra toilet and cloakroom facilities.

For many years security of tenure of the lodge premises has been in doubt, due to a proposed road widening scheme. As a consequence, only essential renovations and repairs had been carried out.

In 1963 the premises were scheduled as an ‘ancient building’ ,Which was felt as sufficient justification for embarking on improvements as funds permitted. Thus, during the subsequent years up to 1970 considerable improvements to the lodge amenities were accomplished, the major being voluntarily executed by various members of the lodge under stimulating leadership and the personal example of W Bro. D Foster, P.P.G.A.D.C. who also constructed and presented a model of the Second Degree Tracing Board.

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