Lodge History

In 1965 the kitchen was renovated; new units being built, walls plastering and a new floor laying.  This was followed in 1966 by the redecoration of the dining room; the walls being half panelled and new lighting and curtains being purchased.

In 1969 the old under the stairs bar was removed and a new larger bar provided, the additional space allowed for a large carpeted area in the lounge for which new furniture was provided. In 1970 extensive work was carried in the snooker room most of the work being done by a number of Brethren wood worm infested panelling was removed and a new floor laid.

On Sunday, July 13th, 1969, a Festival service for the Ninth Centenary of Selby Abbey was offered in the Abbey by the Lodge, and supported by the Freemasons of Yorkshire. The sermon was delivered by W.Bro. The Rev. J .Mainwaring Taylor, Prov. Gd Chaplain, Yorkshire North and East Ridings, a member of the Lodge of St Germain. Amongst those present were the R.Wor. Prov. Gd. Master, the Very, Wor. the Dep. Gd. Master. and the Wor. Asst. Gd Master, supported by many Distinguished Brethren, including the Rt. Wor. Prov. Gd. Master, West Riding,  and his Assistant. Every Lodge in the Province was represented. Many of the principal visitors were entertained in the lodge after the service.

In 1970 the floor of the Temple was strengthened at a cost of just over £700, considering that the numbers attending regular meetings occasionally reached up to three figures it was probably a wise move.

Work was also taking place locally as a minute from the 12th of March 1971 indicates when it was reported that as result of nearby demolition work “the crockery cupboard had fallen off the wall and all was lost”. It was agreed to spend £150 on replacement crockery of which £50 was donated from the Salebia Chapter.

In the same year the subscription was increased to £6.50, remember we were all decimalised in 1971. Remember also that inflation was rampant in the early seventies and consequently, two years later in 1973, it was agreed the subscription would double to £13.

Due to some to some “technical difficulty” the method of increasing the fee would  be a technical violation of the book of constitutions and the alterations to the by-laws could not be ratified by the date the fees were due in 1974. A letter from the Lodge secretary Bro. D Davidson, was circulated explaining this and asking the Brethren to consider the intended increase as a personal donation. As a direct result of this problem By-laws were subsequently rewritten, the wording of which allowed the Lodge to adjust fees without reference to Grand Lodge or the Provincial Office. It is not recorded if any member did make a donation. Unfortunately the By-law ”the services of the Secretary shall be deemed equivalent to the payment of subscription”  was accidentally deleted during the alterations and notice of motion to reinstate this By-law was given in January 1976.  It was subsequently placed on the summons to be voted for at the February meeting but no record of it being actioned is recorded.

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