Lodge History

Alterations were under taken in September 1973 namely concreting the  floor of the dining room and snooker room. So a dispensation was sought and granted for the lodge to meet at Howden for the regular meeting. The first time a regular meeting of St Germain had been held any where other than Church Hill for their meetings.

What is probably a unique meeting took place on Friday the 8th of October 1976, At the request of the Worshipful master  W. Bro D W Allen, and with the sanction of Grand Lodge and the Province, all of the officers positions were taken over by Brethren from Cumberland Lodge No 26 on the Roll of the Grand Lodge of British Columbia, Canada. Consequently Mr. N. M. Webster, a Lewis, was initiated by the acting Master W. Bro B. Hemingway assisted by his countrymen and using their own ritual. Although it is not recorded in the minutes for the evening various gifts were exchanged including scrolls and totem poles. Flags of both nations adorned the dining room tables.

In May 1981 Bro D.E.Davinson became Worshipful Master Master Master of the Lodge on went on to Gain Grand Lodge Master and was installed as Master of St Germain and subsequently went on to gain Grand Lodge Honours. He also became Deputy Provincial Grand Master, he also attained the rank of Most Excellent Grand Superintendent of Provincial Grand Chapter.

On the 14th of December 1984 W.Bro A.Exelby was made an Honorary Member as a token of the regard he was held in by the Lodge. A letter of thanks from him was read out in the January and unfortunately news of his death on the 4th of February was broadcast at the February Meeting.

For the second time in its history at Church Hill, a regular meeting was held away from home on the 11th of October 1985 when Mr V.M. Griffiths was initiated at Connaught Court. Much organisation and movement of Lodge furniture had to take place to make the meeting possible. It proved to be very successful with 48 members in attendance and 48 visitors. W. Bro V. M. Griffiths became 150th Master of the Lodge.

The 1980’s saw an increase in initiates and joining members and new technology was needed , consequently on the 10th February 1989 it was agreed to have a telephone put in the building.

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