Salebeia Chapter

Salebeia Chapter no.566 also meets at Church Hill, Selby.

If you are interested in joining or attending any of their meetings, please contact the Scribe E:

Charles Rhodes
Masonic Hall
Church Hill
North Yorkshire


The current officers of Salebeia Chapter are:

E.Comp. Neil Skinner M.E.Z
E.Comp. Terry Cook H
E.Comp. Peter Thompson J
Comp. Charles Rhodes Scribe E
Comp. Keith Richardson Scribe N
E.Comp. John Wilson Treasurer
E.Comp. Howard Stanyon D of C
E.Comp. David Simpson Almoner
E.Comp. Neil Sands Charity Steward
E.Comp. Chris Stoney Principal Sojourner
Comp. David Hooper 1st Asst. Sojourner
Comp. Martin Wakefield 2nd Asst. Sojourner
E.Comp. Adrian Carpenter Asst. Scribe E
E.Comp. Keith Harland Asst. D of C
Comp. David Hull Organist
E.Comp. Peter Thompson Janitor
Comp. Chris Lynn Steward
Comp. Scott Conor Steward
Comp. Robert Mackin Steward
Comp. David Strathie Steward
E.Comp. Frank Potter I.P.Z